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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And So It Begins: The Alexandria Kitchen Remodel

Finally all of the contracts are signed, materials ordered, etc. - so the long awaited kitchen remodel can begin.  I guess I will post a weekly update on this process, which officially began on Monday morning at 8am, after much staging and gnashing of teeth.

This project was much needed.  It's an old hypothesis that the kitchen was last remodeled in the '80's - perhaps you're catching a glimpse of some familiar aspect you may remember from an apartment you shared back then or something.  We think it was a flip, completed with contractor grade materials, after the house was bought in an estate sale...at least that is what we've gathered in conversations with the neighbors.

So it's about time we undertook to modernize.  Actually, we've been doing that for the last couple of years, having replaced the appliances already.

The remodel is a bit more extensive than just the kitchen.  It will take in the pantry and the sun room - both original to the house, although the sun room was enclosed from a porch (a neighbor tells stories about sitting on a porch swing out there as a child), the laundry room (Mary is recycling cabinets to that location for additional storage), and the dining room, where the doorway to the kitchen is being moved to improve traffic flow in the kitchen.

So to record the transformation, I will try to include this basic set up of photos every week: 

Four "cardinal points" in the kitchen -

The dining room wall (where the new door will be) -

The pantry and two lengthwise views of the sun room -

Laundry room walls (beer fridge in evidence) - 

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