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Monday, December 6, 2010

Alexandria Kitchen Update - Week 2

Here are some photos to start out the week from the Alexandria kitchen update.  Mainly, what I have to show are pictures of the demo and prep.  I'm not ready to give full details of Mary's design, or of the materials we're using. 

First, the view from the dining room, where they've hung a dust curtain with a zipper door:

Then, the "compass points" shot inside the kitchen.  First, the wall that had a base and wall cabinet - the first thing you see when walking in.  Then (counter clockwise) the door to the basement stairway - the 8x8 tiles extended into here on the stairway landing.

These next two are one looking back towards the living room from inside the kitchen, and behind the dust curtain, and lastly, looking at the window and the place where the sink was.

Here are the photos of the pantry and sunroom...

They've demoed out the old 8x8 tiles, and done some wall measurements here for the changes to come.  The closet doors are going to be changed out as well.

Here's the pantry.  The 8x8 went into here too.  I believe these old shelves are coming out.  That floor is on raised joists that brought it up level to the main kitchen floor...but was left uninsulated, so it was always very cold in this room, and we kept the door most of the way closed in the winter.

Lastly, the laundry room, which is our temporary kitchen - you've got the microwave, toaster, coffee pot, and beer fridge down here.  The old kitchen cabinets are going to go up in here as part of the whole shebang.

I'll have a  few more to post tomorrow, and I will include some "discoveries" with those.

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Rusti said...

This the fun part of life.... wish I had kept a log of our remodel. We are done except light fixtures and wall covering. Thinking of going with wall paper... my hall and entry needs big time help. I wish you and Mary patience, loving support, and permission to yell...loud.