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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Pleasant Winter Morning's Walk

I’ll start the week with a post of some photos from the Sunday morning walk I took. The Valley was sparkling fresh from a light snow that fell last week, and I love to take a walk in the winter scenery.  These are photos from my iPhone, which I am still just learning how to use.

My goal was to visit the neighbor’s mare and donkey in their pasture, since last night they were standing near the fence looking out at the road and I’d decided I would make a point of saying hello. I brought them a couple of apples as a treat. The mare will come and visit me when I walk by, but the donkey is independent (I’ve heard is also 40 years old) and can’t be bothered - he's barely visible in the background here. I still tossed an apple his way when the mare wasn’t pestering me for it.

As I walked by Jordan Hollow Inn, besides noticing the cabins up on the hill, where there are six of them, I also noticed that the current sign is painted on the back of one of the older signs that has the horses. There are a few more of these signs in the barn and I really like the images. I always thought it was a mistake to get rid of the horses there, but as long as you did, it probably makes sense not to feature them in your signage.

As I came back around into the hollow, I caught sight of Hawksbill Cabin up on the hill with snow all around. This view, like the one of the cabin over at Jordan Hollow Inn, is one you’ll only see in the winter time, when the leaves are down. The cabin was sighted and built so that it faces due south, so you get this striking light in the winter and I find it hard to resist taking pictures.

Also, here is my typical winter photo of Beaver Run, looking south from the road. It seems a long time ago since we had the beaver dam, although it definitely had an impact on the stream, widening out the little canyon. When I walked by, the stream was gurgling happily with the snow melt, a sound that continued to build for the rest of the afternoon.

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