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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Bogs!

Hopefully this will bring a fond memory or two for my colleagues who were stationed overseas with me in the '80's:  this morning I was running an errand and found these delightful gizmos on sale at one of the nearby outfitters - mini-bogs!

...and these are equipped with racing ephemera (I had to use the word, because Brian McGowan hasn't yet)!

So, now for some of my own fond memories...

One of Les Baxter taking one of these things down the hill at Torf Haus, hitting the lip of a partially hidden rock, and flying into the air with arms and legs flailing in all directions, then landing (safely) about 50 feet down hill, with the mini bog continuing the rest of the way down so he had to hike down the slope to retrieve it.

And then, the one of Guey taking a mini bog out at night and sledding down the hill behind the Burgquell in Altenau.  I laugh every time I think of his plaintive "help" from down in the crevasse where the icy stream runs through. 

I've got to decide quickly if I want one of these...they only had three left!  The price was $39.99 at Eastern Mountain Sports.

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Bob Look said...


Thanks for sharing a post on mini bogs. I had never seeen them before. In my youth I worked at a small central NY ski slope on the lift crew and we used to have races using our grain shovels. Which would seem to operate a little bit like mini bogs. The grain shovels were especially fun when a slope was hard packed or icy. On these slopes we would get really booking and there where just a few bump induced flying crashes that had us all laughing.