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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tech Watch Geek: Maybe the Winner

I'm not saying anyone is buying me one of these tech watches for a holiday gift. But I saw this one, and I have to say, if I were to buy one for myself, this one seems like a low risk proposition at a very good price:

What sealed the deal for me, besides price? Check out this review by Amazon user Bart Barnack:

"My first one last through 3 assignments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Half the team wore this watch and the other half the Suunto Vector. Must of us owned both. I found the Casio Pathfinder easier to use. The only issue I had with my watch is sometimes it went into conflict and went through all the modes and would not stop until the batteries were removed. I was the only one that had this issue. We worked in extreme enviroments and the watch took a beating. Sand Storms, attacks of all types, crashes, high heat 125 - 130 degrees. Cold below zero for long periods. All the features were a great asset to all of us. We often compared data with our other instruments like GPS and other sensors we had. The watch was close. The large dial is a plus in the field. I would still have the first one but when I took it to a watch shop for new batteries, it was not sealed properly and on a swim exercise it leaked."

If I were to receive one of these as a gift, I doubt that I would put it through what Bart did. Kind of good to know it could take that abuse, though.

By the way, I checked a bunch of reviews for the Suunto Vector. There seems to be general satisfaction with it as a tool, but there were too many complaints about condensation and getting it wet for my taste...and many people seem to find the Suunto a bit technically challenging to use.

As I've discussed in Tech-Watch Geek before, I've had two Casios - one a pre-cell phone era telephone number database, and the other a G-Shock. That database watch is still running on its original battery - bought in 1998!

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