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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning Cold Shock

We had a splendid holiday weekend out at Hawksbill Cabin. Upon our arrival Christmas Eve, we were greeted with a glimpse of this cheerful tableau of Santas. Since we got there after dark, we weren't able to enjoy the wintry scene that surrounded us, until we woke up in the morning.
The Page County area was in the same weather pattern that Alexandria was last week, and we heard from many friends and neighbors there - by email and on Facebook - about the impact of 20+ inches of snow. It was all pristine and white, very pretty to look at by the time we got there...which is not to take away from the hardships this weather caused for many people.

My first recollection of Christmas morning was looking at the thermometer and this view of the side yard where the old barbeque is - 20 degrees, and easily 20 inches of snow out there. A warming trend was on the way, and for most of the day and the days that followed, the snow was melting.

Here are a couple of additional views of the "Winter Wonderland" effect we had during our time at the cabin, one of the front of the house and another looking across the yard to the road. One of the key weekend activities this time was a couple of walks we took, one in the neighborhood and a couple on Luray's Hawksbill Greenway - those will be topics of follow-up posts this week.

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