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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dig Out, Final

We expect freezing temps overnight, so the ground will be treacherous in the morning. We already had news that the government is closed tomorrow, so Mary has a snow day. I am thinking I may not attempt driving into the office myself.

Here are the last two photos, just showing the dig out I had to do for our cars. I also helped dig out a neighbor who ended up parked in front of our house - I am on the other side of the street, and when she finally moves I am swooping - and the neighbor on the other side who was getting plowed in.

I didn't get to my car while the sun was shining on it, so the melt under the snow had frozen. Tomorrow morning the sun will be on the front, and I can defrost the windows clear. I am in danger of getting plowed in there too, but I think I have most of what they would be going after cleared out of the way.

The two I helped drive beemers. I just pity anybody trying to drive one of those in the snow - or a Mercedes for that matter.


Evan said...

I was pretty glad to have the cancellation for tomorrow. I'm thinking a lot of the working world will be absent tomorrow, official cancellation or not.

Jim said...

There's no way I would drive in the neighborhood of your office with the roads like this - everything steeply downhill heading into the parking lot. If you made it there safely, you could never get back out!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they cut back on snow plowing or what. Our neighborhood roads haven't been touched. Its a mess! Luckily, I had a houseful of youngens who are in pretty good shape to help with our long driveway and the neighbors! Nancy

Rockman013 said...

Wow, you guys really got snowed on. I'll bet there haven't been many snow storms that deep since the snow storm of January/February 1962 that hit Luray with 36 inches.

Jim said...

Rockman, I just want to clarify the photos I have up here are from the Alexandria part of the experience. There was plenty of snow out in the Luray area too, and Mary and I got to see that for ourselves over the Christmas weekend - I'll have a few posts on the scenic side of that topic going up soon. I also know this weather created its share of hardships for many! Jim