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Monday, December 7, 2009

Luray's Outfitters Merge

Some big news and not a very well kept secret on the business scene in Luray…after six months of planning, Evergreen Outfitters and Appalachian Outdoors Adventures have merged, combining the two stores at the 18 East Main Street location in Luray.

As I was visiting the Evergreen Outfitters store over the course of the summer, Howard and Andy kept me apprised of the progress with this exciting development, as they worked through the details of what stock to carry, which storefront to locate in, and other logistical matters. Finally, the time for talk is over and they’ve been able to complete the merger.

I checked Andy’s Facebook page, and here’s a quote about the opening:
“Evergreen Outfitters has now joined forces with Appalachian Outdoors Adventures. We are at 18 East Main Street in Luray, Virginia. We are all here today: Howard, Andy, Gary and Linda. Come see us! “

Later she added, with regards to the expanded team:

“We are having fun. We all work well together. Each has different strengths. A rockin' team we are! The entire downstairs has been turned into the GEAR area. Almost 2500 square feet on each level!!! Christmas presents galore for every person on the gift list - a one stop shop.”

Mary and I can vouch for this – my mom and sister too – we visited AOA on black Friday and there was a steady stream of customers. Here are some highlight photos of the storefront, upstairs, and the famous gear area in the man cave downstairs.

As a last note, I received an email from the Page Chamber that the new business will be featured on the Tourism Tuesdays radio show with Nina Long - December 8; 12:30 to 1 pm on 95.3 FM WZRV. As much as I’d like to, I can’t listen in. But I hope it goes well.

Best of luck to Howard, Andy, Gary and Linda!

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