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Friday, December 11, 2009

Clarendon Construction December 2009

Here is an early update for this month on the Clarendon construction near my Arlington office. As I was walking by the sites yesterday afternoon I realized I had never put up the concept drawings for the large tower across the street or for the mid-block development, so here they are. Sorry for the glare on the mid-block sign, I'll try to get a better one soon.

Also, progress has accelerated in the last month. Yesterday I realized that the tower crane had been removed from the larger site, while work continues in raising the fa├žade elements at street level, and they are blocking in the walls up several floors. Once this activity is completed, it will be hard to notice progress on the project.

On the mid-block office building, the activities have moved up to the second above ground floor. As I passed by street-level, I remembered that there is a plan to restore the old ground-level facades on this building – they were removed and stored early last year when demo began.

Finally, I was on a conference call in our 8th floor conference room and the tower crane for the mid-block building swung around and was pointed straight at me. The end of the boom was out of site so I walked over to the window to see how far it extended towards us. Pretty close, as shown in the photo.


Portable Storage said...

Looking at the photos of the construction site seems that the construction work is going a good pace and I hope that the construction gets completed on time.Thanks for the updates and I hope that I will recieve the further updates on this construction.

Portable Storage,

Jim said...

I'm glad to know you are enjoying these posts. I plan to keep documenting this process as long as I can - hopefully until the buildings are complete and the old facades are restored. I am planning another post for later this month, as a matter of fact -

Evan said...

Playing catchup on some of your posts. This isn't too far from me!