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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Walk in the Country

With the snow all around, we were surrounded by the wintry wonderland of songs and lore. So, we took the walk we often do, from the Hawksbill Cabin out to Marksville Road, enjoying the neighboring farms and Inn, and the view over to our local mountains, Hawksbill, Big Meadow, and Stonyman.

When we get out of the immediate neighborhood, we pass a little farm called Shenando Acres. I've posted on this one before - often about the ever changing small herd of cows (Mary doesn't like me mentioning it), the horse and donkey, and the goats (visible by clicking on the photo). All were sheltered in the little pole barn as we walked by - the goats most curious, but they didn't come out to us this time.

This route takes us in front of Jordan Hollow Inn, a small farm oriented B&B that has a restaurant that we have enjoyed a few times. The economy seems to have kept business on the low side this year, and we wonder if the opening of the Mimslyn in Luray has also had an impact. We like our neighbors and would really like to see a turn around for them this year. (It's none of my business, but I bet a couple of Tri- and Bike racing sponsorships could help!)

Finally, here is the red barn near Jordan Hollow and next to the Hawksbill Creek headwaters. This is near the end of this walking route, about a quarter mile from the intersection of Marksville Road where we turn and come back. I phone-cammed this a while back, without snow - it really makes a nice scene with the snow though.

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