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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Dig Out

Best wishes to our friends in Luray. I've been hearing on Facebook about the prospect of digging out there today - I hope everyone is well and not too inconvenienced by this storm.

Since the sun was out all day, and the temperatures were poised to rise into the mid thirties, our neighborhood in Alexandria got out for the big dig out. I have a couple of highlight photos to share.

First, these early ones on the deck in the back. I took these to show that we did have 19 1/2 inches, per official reports. That ranks it with a couple of severe storms we've had - deeper snow in January 1996, when Mary and I lived in the District, and then in the winter of 2003 we had a storm over at the townhouse in this neighborhood, but that wasn't quite as deep as this.

How about the domestic beauty of these Leland Cypress with snow clinging on them?

Finally this one of the neighborhood, at the start of the dig out. I'll have some more up in the next post, as progress was being made all day. I dug a total of four cars out after getting our walks all taken care of...will be sore tomorrow.

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