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Friday, December 18, 2009

Hawksbill Greenway

Last weekend, as the temperature warmed up and the freezing rain moved off, I went into Luray for a little shopping and a walk along the Hawksbill Greenway. I already posted about the Chinquapin Oak earlier in the week - I also stopped by for a visit at Appalachian Outdoors Adventures, where they were having a busy holiday Sunday. Today, I wanted to do a quick upload of three more photos from my walk that day.
Having posting and editing problems today - the photos are out of order, will have to fix that later.

This first one is of a little dam on the Hawksbill Creek at the "newer end" of the Greenway. This segment was just completed last year. As I looked back along the creek, I could see that the water flow was still surging, and the sound of the water flowing over the dam was quite loud here.

The second photo is at a spot on the creek where it takes a hard turn to the west to get around an outcropping. There is a vintage photo that you can see around town of this spot, with a steam locomotive going across the bridge in the background and a group of children swimming in the little pool at the bend. When they built the Greenway, they rebuilt a little dam here and restored the pool - note the rope swing.

Last photo is a spot near Ruffner Plaza, where summer outdoor concerts are held. In good weather, this is a great spot to visit. As far as the creek goes, there is a part of the rock (just below the surface in this shot) where the flow is forced into a little channel, making it perfect for the start of the rubber duckie race during the Spring Fest.

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