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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pool Closin'

As if there weren't enough signs of fall already, we ran into Uncle D and Tammy at the Mimslyn O-fest on Sunday. (Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Luray-VA/Uncle-Ds-Pools-Spas-LLC/82303143717?ref=ts) They told us they'd be coming by the Hawksbill Cabin to do our pool closing this week.
Now, when we first looked into getting the pool repaired, we were skeptical that anything could be done. The team at Uncle D's proved us wrong, and actually got the job done at a very reasonable cost.
We have ongoing conversations about the possibility of snakes in our yard, and that was a concern when they got to work on the pool rehab. Darris asked if we had checked out the pool cover (green bag near the cabana in the photo) to make sure that there weren't any snakes. I told him no, we hadn't checked, and it was still right where we left it in the spring. He said, "Well, darn it, there are probably snakes in there. If you find any bullet holes in the cover next weekend, you'll know what happened!"

So herewith, a few parting shots of the pool. It seemed like a short swimming season because June was so rainy and cold in the Valley. But Mary and I agreed we managed to use the pool intensively in July and August, once the temperature warmed up.

But, the maple tree by the pool hasn't changed yet, and we need to get the pool covered before all those leaves start to come down. This little pile is just from overnight, from the nut trees that aren't anywhere near the pool.

We tried a few things to keep the pool area looking nice this year, including this new planting by Mary - previously, there was a monster hosta here, but we wanted more color and chose the coleus. Also, there's a hummingbird feeder, and we had at least three birds around the yard, possibly a fourth. I filled this for the last time on Sunday.

The last photo here is one of my favorite fall foilage views. There is a little gap in the trees looking eastward from our yard, to a ridge that rises over the little hollow. The oaks and cottonwoods change early on the ridge, and they catch the last sunlight at dusk, bathing the front of the cabin in a golden glow just before sunset.

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