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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Las Vegas Update (business)

I gave the first of two presentations this morning. It went well, 70 or so early risers turned out. They did a video, so I had to stay close to the podium.

Here are a couple of "highlight" photos - the convention center in the foreground from the 26th floor elevator lobby (with the Strip in the distance - it's about a mile away).

And the title slide from my deck. I had a good mix of people - east and west coasts as well as the central part of the country represented, and then also, equally divided between government, non-profit, and private sector.
Last, new for the show this year is a series of interview-style vid-blogs they're doing. I was first up, so here's the green-screen that they did the taping in front of. I understand that my topic tomorrow will also be a feature of one of these.

I have some extra-curricular plans this afternoon that I am not ready to disclose, although I may post later this evening...

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