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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clarendon Construction Update

To close out the month, I thought we might take a look at the buildings going up in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, where my office is.

The big building across the street is nearly topped out after several months of pouring a floor a week. While it is being built as a single large project, I understand there will be multiple uses on this site, and it may actually comprise more than one property. I expect the facade work to begin in the next few weeks, so it won't be long until the appearance of progress will be slowed, even though a lot will still be going on, out of site.

The second site in the middle block - between Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards - is also progressing. This site is on top of the Orange Line metro, so a lot of infrastructure and support is visible in the below ground areas of the new buildings. This middle block is typically first floor retail and restaurants, with parking on the second and third floors.

Even the Hard Times restaurant that is the block's capstone is getting into the act. This Hard Times - a local chili parlor, for those who are not familiar with it - has been in this building since I moved here in 1990. They have expanded into the second floor of their building and built out a sports bar there. After a short closing early in the month, they've extensively updated the interior as shown in these photos.

Things are coming along. We'll take another look in late October.

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