Ramble On

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fresh Tomatoes at West Main Market

We are officially into fall now, and the next weekend will be the last opening of the Luray Farmers' Market. There is still produce coming off of the plantings, but this is simply the time to wrap things up.
In town last weekend we decided to grab a sandwich at the little cafe (website: http://westmainmarket.com/) . (Favorites: Italian Cold Cut, and the Cuban). The folks were out of town for vacation in the previous week.

As we pulled in, I noticed these laden tomato vines. This is a sunny spot that gets morning sun, and is in the shade in the afternoon. As long as there is no frost, they will have fruit for a couple of more weeks.


Howard said...

I LOVE Bill's sandwiches! Excellent wine selection, too!

Jim said...

I like some of those local items in the case there too.