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Monday, September 21, 2009

on arrival in Las Vegas

While I don't expect to be posting a lot while I am here, I may be able to put up an entry or two.
So today was my flight - thanks very much for the aisle bulkhead on both flights American Airlines. Bless you.

We flew over the Grand Canyon, it was the first time I have been over it in daylight since my flight from San Antonio to San Francisco, when I first joined the Air Force, 1980. In 2007 I used to fly Dulles to LA once a month - at night, so I could get upgrades to first class, and I remember seeing the strip all lit up as the descent began into LA. I had no idea that Vegas was virtually on the edge of the Canyon!

So, first impressions: I was very happy to see these slot machines at my gate upon arrival. Screw the luggage boys, I'm dropping some coin! ...not really.

Turns out my hotel is hosting as second convention, a bunch of VA folks. There were tons of them in the line around me, so we got together and booked a limo. We got the Hummer (cue up McGowan...keep it light, Brian!)

Also, now I'm in the hotel, got my usual high floor away from the elevators. Only, no view of the Strip - I guess they call this the "mountain view." There is a golf course somewhere down below.
More later. I have to prepare for my talk at 8am tomorrow, then I have part of the day available for ...other activities...
And one more disclosure about the hotel - it's the Las Vegas Hilton. A couple of Casinos, a Beni Hana's...and hey, this is Barry Manilow's home on the Strip. I'm living it up, baby!

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