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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Politics Respite: Clarendon Farmers' Market

Turning to a topic that I much prefer to write about on the blog today - visits to local farmers' markets.  This time, it's the little market that sets up on Wednesday afternoons at the Clarendon Metro station, right across the street from my office.
For a good part of the summer, I worked downtown this year and missed the height of the season.  But last Wednesday, there was still a good selection - and even in October, you could still find a fresh tomato.  Of course, fall vegetables were in abundance - squash and greens, along with turnips and beets.

My office mate Jack talked me into going down (from our perch on the 8th floor overlooking the station) to pick up a few things.  He'd found a pickle guy - last photo here - and I remembered the excellent ones I had gotten at the Mountain View Market earlier in the summer.  I bought a little container of dills - they're crisp and garlicky...nice.

Jack's visible in the photo with the winter squash - taking a look at the potatoes. 

In addition to the pickles, I got some beets, some bosc pears, a couple of acorn squash, and two pumpkin loaves from the bread maker.
It is the end of season for many of these vendors, and they will be scaling back where they travel to for weekly markets.  One of the vendors I spoke with, who run a CSA out of Stafford, said they will be continuing at the Fredericksburg market and at their own farm stand.

They were typical for the Clarendon Market - most of the folks here at this location come from the east side of the Blue Ridge.  I didn't see anybody here from the Valley.

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