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Monday, November 1, 2010

GWNF/Massanutten Fire - Monday Update

By way of an update on the fire that started in GWNF last week, on Sunday Mary and I noticed that it was still smoldering, so we detoured off of US 340 to see if we could get a closer look. What we found was quite a bit more than smoldering!

It turns out, according to reports, that the firefighters have burned another 200 plus or minus acres to stop a blaze. There have been as many as 50 firefighters around, but they are beginning to wind down the operation.

Apparently, the rain last week didn’t put the fire out, but it did slow it down considerably. The firefighters want to fight fire with fire, burning up the fuel in front it, but the wet weather made that difficult until things dried out over the weekend.

It’s a small fire and there isn’t a lot of reporting on it – that’s keeping me from getting updates. But I will post what I get – and right now, the news is that the fire is petering out. We’ll see.

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