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Monday, November 22, 2010

Not a Shy Buck...

When I was up in the Park on Saturday, this big fella was hanging out beside Skyline Drive.  I mean really, doesn't he know what season it is?

In my experience it is pretty rare to encounter antlered deer up in the Park; they seem to stay out of sight for the most part.  Last year I saw a five year old up at Big Meadow - that was a rack that really stopped traffic, especially since he was in one of the most popular parts of the Park on one of the busiest weekends!

Actually, the Park started closing some sections for hunting season last weekend.  As I entered on Saturday afternoon, I was advised that the North District (Front Royal to Thornton Gap) and the South District (Elkton to Waynesboro) would close at five p.m. until daylight for to prevent illegal hunting.  I'm not sure about the permitting situation, but I've heard that the hunting here is reserved for employees.

I've learned (and thanks to posumcop for pointing me in the right direction) that these closures are actually to prevent illegal hunting in the Park.  There is a link to learn more here:  http://www.nps.gov/shen/parknews/park-announces-night-closure-of-the-skyline-drive-during-hunting-season.htm
If you're planning a visit, be sure and check in for potential closings.  You don't want to find yourself locked in the Park with hunting going on  and have to hike out!


posumcop said...

No one is allowed to hunt in SNP unless they want to risk federal prosecution. Hard to tell if you were kidding with your typed words.

Jim said...

Thanks for clarifying. I found this link on the NPS site, and will make corrections to my post. Best, Jim