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Saturday, February 13, 2010

You can probably see it from space

One of the things I remember about snowfalls like the ones we've had last week - and like the DC area had in '96 and '03 - is the big piles of snow that are left behind after the plows come through.

Yesterday at the Arlington shopping center where I get my shirts done (there is also a Starbucks there, and the famous Italian Store deli) I noticed the piles were taking up about a third of the lot.  They'll be there into March, and as the days warm up and people sit at the cafe tables, lingering in the shopping center, there will be traffic making it unpleasant to run errands here.  The snow gets pretty ugly while it's waiting to melt too.

Then, when I got home, I found that they'd come back through and plowed the streets in our neighborhood.  While we were lucky and they didn't block our driveway, they did add to the pile in front of the house - it's over 7 feet tall now.  I couldn't even begin to guess when this will melt away!

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