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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inside the snow bunker

When our neighbor Dorothy was over for a visit last night, we speculated on what our streetscape would look like in the morning after the plows came through.  She expected her drive way to be blocked, and it is, and we didn't quite know what to expect. 

We live at an intersection and I figured that they'd take extra care to clear it; I even parked a little ways up the street to be out of the way. My car is the first pile on the left in the photo looking up the street.  Some of our neighbors are RNs, they are already digging out this morning in case they get called in.

This sunny morning after, as I walked out to check our walks and observe the neighborhood preparing for the dig out, I was greeted by this wall of snow that has been piled in front of our house.  It's taller than some cars and many neighbors, and I think it is big enough to be seen from space.  I don't have any idea how long it will take to melt either - it may not be until March before I can park in this space again.

I wanted to send a note to our friends in Page County, some of whom have lost power, and can't even read this because of it - I wish we could be there to help out.  We'll be thinking of you, and hope we can get out next week.

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