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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Earning my keep in the snowpocalypse

I went out a couple of hours ago to shovel, first clearing the steps and a couple of alternative sites for Sofie and then going ahead and doing a first pass on the walks. Turns out, the other three neighbors on the corners of my intersection were out at the same time. So we had some good conversations shouting to each other between shovels full.
I parked my car up the street this time, away from the intersection. That has enticed the plow driver to come down our street twice already. I didn't expect that until tomorrow at the earliest!

I am still watching the Leylands with interest. Hopefully some of the weight will come off of them soon. I may do some preliminary exploring in a while - probably will pour a bourbon first so it can be waiting for me to come back...

Mary made us waffles and sausages for lunch. The sausages were those good chicken apple ones you can get at the Flower Market Cafe in San Francisco, a long-time favorite. (Shout out to Brian McG. and Cathy E. here!) And while it's not the chicken and waffles you can get at the LA Farmers' Market (Chris P.! Ryan B.!) it was pretty darn good eating. Here's Mary showing the waffles off. (How 'bout that gear, Appalachian Outdoors Adventures?)

You know, it really is all about the knife and fork for me (Bill G.!) -


Mom Ettenger said...

Right back at ya, Jim! I was in SF today and had an excellent dining experience at Tartine (remember, the amazing bakery in my old 'hood, near the Bi-Rite?). Will send Mary the photo. Glad to hear that you didn't venture out into the Shenandoah this weekend. Sending warm thoughts your way from California.

Howard said...

Dig the gear!