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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow on the way

They're saying the DC area is going to be hit again with a snow fall today, so nobody seems to be taking chances with the traffic.  Today I am on that bandwagon after checking the VDOT webcams along my route to my client's site.  There is still packed ice and slush in the roadway.  Thanks but no thanks!

Yesterday, only the far left lane (the fast lane) was cleared, everywhere else was packed with ice and slush.  There was a two or three inch edge to that.  I managed to trek safely but it's not an experience I'd care to repeat.  Despite all of this, I even encountered an impatient jerk yesterday behind the wheel, tailgating, AND on the cell phone.  C'mon people, remember, we're all in this together!  Your 7-11 corn dog and big gulp stop can wait by crikees!

I checked weather.com - maybe the Valley will be spared or get a lighter snow this time.  From what I'm hearing, they could use it.  The Guard was out to help evacuate people stuck without heat, and I have been hearing about long term power outages.  I'm sorry we can't be there to help out right now.

From Sally and Dan, we heard that the power has stayed on in the hollow, but the state hasn't been back to plow the road - it's a tertiary road and it may be a few more days.  They've had the fire going and have ventured out for cross country skiing, and since all of their vehicles are four wheel drive they can get out when they need to. 

Our roofer Alan went to the Hawksbill Cabin on Saturday.  He said we'd accumulated 35 inches of snow on the low-pitch roof...he and his team shovelled that off for us.  He'd driven in with a tracked vehicle, I'm guessing a skid steer or something, and his crew followed in the truck.  It was a relief to know all that snow is off of the roof, but it is piled behind the house now and who knows when it will melt away!

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