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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, in honor of how the media is calling this snowstorm, I'm setting up a label to track the posts. My sister has already uploaded some beautiful winter wonderland photos of her Anne Arundel County, MD neighborhood...here are some photos of ours in Alexandria, with a few more to follow.
I use the rail of our backyard deck as a relative measure. Here you can see, midway through the storm, that we are in the two foot range.

Also, our green wall of Leyland Cypress, normally reaching 30 feet in height, is bent over under the snow. I am watching this with some concern, as I think what is holding them up at the moment is the power line. The line visible in the photo here is our land line phone. My sister tells me they lost one of these today.

Finally, our pride and joy crepe myrtle is bent over from the storm - that's it hunched over in the center of this photo. I hope all of these plants are resilient enough to recover, I expect they are, without too much pruning this spring. We'll do what we have to.

Also, an update from the cabin. Our neighbors Sally and Dan report that the power is still on...I can imagine them all set up with a toasty fire in their place and I would love to join them for one of Dan's Flat Tail Ales...we have our roofer Alan heading out to check on the Hawksbill Cabin and have an update - he used a tracked vehicle to get into the holler, and reports two feet of snow on the Hawksbill Cabin's flat roof. He's going to do an interim sweep for us, so we won't have any lasting damage to the structure.

More to follow on Snowmaggedon.


Rusti said...

Love your pictures. I was confused until i read through as to your physical location. I was pleased to know someone is checking that roof.

Anonymous said...

poor sofie, stay warm and dry