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Thursday, October 15, 2009

USA 2 - Costa Rica 2: World Cup Qualifying

My friend Stan and I went to the USA soccer match last night at RFK Stadium. He takes in a few DC United games a year and I have gone with him to a few. Last night was the final game in the qualifying round, USA already had secured a berth in the games next year in South Africa and Costa Rica needed to win in order to secure an automatic bid.

With two unanswered goals in the first half, it looked like the Ticos, as they are called, would do just that. Late in the second half, the US team began to respond. They scored the second goal in "injury time" - after the official 90 minutes have clicked off of the clock.

This was a great time, as all the soccer games I have attended were. Here are views of the 23,000 plus fans in the stadium from our seats amongst all the Costa Rica fans. Then some "Sam's Army" fans dressed up in soccer regala before the game - there was a cold drizzle going so most people waited under cover before taking their seats. Lastly, where there is smoke, there must have been a USA goal - in this case, after the second score.

By this time, Stan and I had moved to an area called "the Beach" - it was very close to a place where we could enjoy Modelo quarts...and italian sausages.
My read of it is that USA goes into the World Cup with the number 1 seed from its qualifying group. There are benefits to this, but I have to find out more about it.

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