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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pool's Closed

The team from Uncle D's was out a couple of weeks back to close the Hawksbill Cabin pool. I am so glad we got that taken care of so early this year! Here is a photo of the pool with the winter cover on - there is actually an extensive checklist of tasks that need to be taken care of during the process leading up to covering the pool, so it is very good to have the Uncle D's crew around to take care of all of this.

I noticed that in just the short week since the closing happened, the pine tree and others had already shed quite a bit of foilage. I cleaned up on Sunday night before I left, and this bushel-sized pile is what had accumulated - this would have been in the pool if it wasn't already covered!

Also, while I was on the deck sweeping, I took a better photo of the coleus plantings that I mentioned last week, along with the (empty) hummingbird feeder. Next weekend, I will take the feeder down and clean it - I am planning to put a suet basket here over the winter.

Last photo, a glimpse of the beaver pond from the deck. Soon the leaves will be off and we will be able to clearly see how much it has shrunk since the dam broke last spring. However, there is still enough of a pool of water there to attract herons and ducks, so it's still a nice view.

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