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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beer Anxiety

We are having a few friends over tonight. In addition to a spread of ribs and sides, I need to buy beer, and I am planning to have two cases there...When it comes to beer there really isn't much that scares me. Oh sure, I've had some unpleasant experiences.

Once in Paris, I got hold of some year old bocks that were deep in the bar's cooler. Those gave me some miserable hiccups that lasted all night. I can hardly remember where else I might have gone in Paris after those. We started in the Latin Quarter and there was a taxi ride or two and I remember a disco. And I remember we had to wake the doorman up to get back into the hotel. So much for that adventure.
Another time, I had a Moretti with lunch. I only had one. But I failed to note that it was 18 proof, meaning 9 percent alcohol. Needless to say, I thought I was a lightweight back at the office when I couldn't concentrate the rest of the afternoon! But that was when I decided no beer at lunch anymore.
Oh, and then there is the story of how we talked our German bartender Nada into adding Pilsner Urquel to go with the smoked beer she traditionally served. That's a long tale, and since it occurred during Reagan's reelection campaign and I wouldn't be able to resist political commentary, I'll save it for later.

I would like to buy one of those mini-kegs but I would only do it if I can find a German beer. I am thinking, Bitburger or Tucher or something like that. Just can't do the Heinecken thing, although I am glad they are carrying on the concept.

My usual beer store in Alexandria is the Total Beverage, you can get just about anything there, but traffic to it is bad and would add about 45 minutes of unpleasantness to what is already a very challenging task. I decided to go to Shoppers instead, they share distributors and they have one of those big frigerated rooms for all the beers.

...I'm back now. Not too much agonizing. I did, however, buy 8 six packs, shown in the photo. I have a Helles Lager, a blonde bock and Shiners, an assortment of ales including some seasonal ones.

And oh yeah, there will likely be leftovers. But that's part of the plan. Just don't tell Mary.


Brian McGowan said...

Nooooooooo! Never Bitburger Pils, bitte!

I have been drinking the Guinness® 250 Anniversary Stout (in bottles)lately, as it is only available for a "limited time". It's very good, but not nearly as good as on tap at a respectable Irish pub.

Jim said...

I saw that yesterday...but I chose eight others instead. I would like a Guinness sometime soon, though - feel a craving coming on.