Ramble On

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Buy one or two to beautify your home..."

It’s funny that our last two home improvement purchases have been made in pairs – one by me, and one by Mary. I’d like to start out talking about mine.

Here they are, carefully positioned on the couch. I bought these two, hologram-certified, Coleman camo thermal pillows to use around the Hawksbill Cabin during the winter for warmth. Apparently the foam filling is designed to retain body heat and they are useful in hunting blinds, ice fishing camps, and the like. I’ll mainly use them sitting in my folding chair out on the brick terrace on cold mornings and evenings. But they do fit right in with the living room color scheme, don’t they?

The second purchase was these two bar stools that Mary found at an antique store in Alexandria. They fit the era of our other furnishings, although they are later in the Mid-Century time frame. We replaced two cheap stools that we had gotten at Wal-Mart with these. They are quite a bit more comfortable even though they are an inch or two lower than the others.


Brian McGowan said...

Sorry, Jim, I like Mary's purchase a little more than yours. Not that there is anything wrong with camo-pillows (they are hidden on the couch somewhere, right?).

If you think the barstools are a little too low, you can always get some of those nail-on (or screw-on) chair glides/levelers to add a little bit of height.

Jim said...


Yes, the infinitely plush and comfortable camo-cushions are on the couch. As you point out, I was careful to move them to a contrasting background before I left so that I could be sure I can find them again.

On raising the chair heights, are you suggesting that we should build a little platform for them to sit on?


Brian McGowan said...


For the barstools, just go to your local Ace Hardware store and ask them for "glides/levelers" (I know whereof I speak as I was in that business for 15 years). There are either nail-on or screw-on types.

If the legs of the chairs are not really straight (perpendicular to the floor), they may not work very well.

The best you can hope to gain in height is 1/2" - 3/4" at best, though.