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Friday, October 30, 2009

Clarendon Construction October 2009

Here with a monthly update on the progress with the two buildings going up near my office.

First, big mixed use building across the street. They've reached the top now, and it looks like this new addition is higher than anything else in the neighborhood. A lot of action going up around the penthouse - there may be more than one of them.
And this shot also shows some of the exterior detailing going on in the lower right.

Then the mid-block building. They are still down in the hole, but yesterday I did see concrete moldings getting moved around so fast progress with floor pouring is going to start happening.

Since these photos were taken two weeks ago, I've noticed that quite a bit more of the exterior moldings have been installed, and they are already working on duct work and interior infrastructure as high as the ninth floor. Yesterday morning they were installing exterior elevators so the could do masonry and detail work - I will try to get a photo of that in the next week or so.

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