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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Foliage Walk

Mary and I managed to get out for a short walk around the neighborhood this weekend. We walked about two miles, roughly following one of our old dog walking circuits, taking in the fall foliage - just peaking here in town. During the day on Saturday and Sunday there was a chorus of leaf blowers.

The Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria was developed starting around 1920 as a streetcar neighborhood, an early commuter suburb of Washington, DC. So a couple of the streets have median strips which is actually where the old tracks and stations were. Nearby local industry included a rail yard, and railway workers (or managers and executives as you climb the hill) lived in many of the houses here.
The George Washington Masonic Memorial is one of our landmarks as well, shown in the photo here, up on "Shooters Hill."

Today we are privileged to have a few 70-year old oaks left that were originally planted as the neighborhood was being built. There is also one majestic elm in the neighborhood that dates to that time, although I don't have a photo of it. I will be sure to get one over the course of the next year, as it is stressed like all the trees, and there just aren't many elms like it around - not just in Alexandria, but in the country as a whole.

In addition to the trees, we walked by a couple of "famous" houses. This first one, the colonial, was used as a location in "West Wing" a few times - I believe it was where the Alan Alda character lived. It's funny, the exterior probably never had more than a few seconds of air time, but they filmed here at least twice and the production activity lasted two days both times.

This second house, the picturesque and charming little bungalow, was featured in a book called "Bungalow Nation" a few years back. (The book image will take you to an Amazon link.) While I didn't pose this one to capture all the fall foliage that surrounds it this week, you can see from the cover what it might look like.

We also walked by the little townhouse where we lived before we moved into our current gabled bungalow. I didn't get a photo, but we both agreed that it was a good place, and was a place where we wouldn't mind living again if we downsized from the current house.

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