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Monday, October 19, 2009

Side Trip to Crisman Hollow

However you spell it, taking the drive over Massanutten Mountain and turning off onto Crisman Hollow road is a nice adventure. With the wintry morning on Sunday, would-be visitors to Skyline Drive were turned away, and a few of them ended up on foilage tours here in the George Washington National Forest.

Since Mary didn't come out this weekend, due to a couple of work deadlines she was working on, Chris joined me. We had originally intended to do a longer hike in the South District of SNP - an 8-mile, 3-waterfall hike that combined Jones Run and Doyles River, but with the constant threat of rain or worse we ended up bagging that plan, opting for a shorter route I will post later.

On both mornings we headed over to New Market's Southern Kitchen for breakfast. On Sunday, we detoured back to the Hawksbill Cabin, driving via Edinburg and Fort Valley, crossing back over Massanutten through Crisman Hollow and New Market Gap.

One of my favorite stops in there is Passage Creek, which is how the stream that drains the north half of the mountain is known. I've posted some photos of this stream before - it is a Virginia stocked trout stream from October 15 to March 15. Here are a few more, including one of Chris perched up on a rock.

We expected a bit more water in the stream due to the steady rain that had fallen, but there wasn't much to speak of. However, the stream had enough of a flow to produce a happy little burble in the area we visited.

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