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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pig Ahead!

One of the traditions of the Shenandoah Time Trial bicycle race is the sign "Pig Ahead" pictured here.  Now, I followed that race on Facebook last year, and I thought this was a whimsical element of a pretty serious race - and upon seeing it, I knew I had taken the right impression.

The sign appears at about 1 kilometer or so from the finish line, so whether the rider is out on the 14K, 24K, or 40K route, it is a welcome sight.

But even better is what it refers to: a spectacularly tasteful bit of yard sculpture that one of the town residents has erected.  Here's a photo:

Last year the sign was stolen after the race, apparently.  I take that to mean that there are a number of people out there who appreciate this particular tradition, as I do.

Shortly after the race, Chris Gould posted a status that the pig sign had been recovered safely this year, a good thing.  No doubt, the riders will appreciate this indication that they have reached the home stretch in next year's race.

I'll also use "Pig Ahead" as a note to say that I will be posting on two pig roasts during next week's blog entries.  Then we'll move on to the 2012 Page County Grown Farm Tour.

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