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Monday, August 13, 2012

Khimaira Farm: Page County Grown 2012 Farm Tour

The goats are the thing at Khimaira Farm.  That's what they'll tell you when you first arrive for a visit - the Campbells started out raising goats, and they keep a herd to this day.

The goats will charm you, as they did the 15 or so of us on the tour.  Linda walked us through her history as a goat farmer; for aspiring farmers, this is a good story to hear.

Along the way, we learned some goat facts - this is the most domesticated animal on the planet; that they will eat just about anything (plants only - no tin cans); and they are used for meat and dairy.

The main focus at the farm today, however, is its business as a wedding venue.  In fact, the staff was preparing the old kid barn for a function on the evening of the tour, which is why we started there at 9 am.  The pig roast I posted about on Saturday was part of those festivities.

After visiting the goats, we took a walk out to the gardens, where there are several great settings for weddings and other celebrations.  Receptions take place in the repurposed kid barn;  although, with good weather, there are easily four or five other locations that would serve this purpose well.

My last photo here is of the tour caravan visiting with Linda and her team in the kid barn, where we were offered pastries and coffee.  Mary picked up a couple of bars of goat's milk soap in there, while we all enjoyed the venue.

It's a place I'll look forward to visiting again sometime!

Here's a link to my post from last year's farm tour:

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