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Monday, August 27, 2012

Farm-to-Table Dinner - Conclusion of the 2012 Page County Grown Farm Tour

The menu for the 2012 Farm-to-Table dinner.
Crab stuffed anaheim pepper.

Even though the Page County Grown farm tour is only in its second year, the annual farm-to-table dinner, held this year at the Mimslyn Inn, just as it was last year, is a great tradition.  So I’ll close out my series of posts on the 2012 farm tour with a quick post about the dinner. 

Fairy tale eggplant appetizer.
The farm-to-table dinner features dishes that are put together from local products grown at the farms the tour visited that day.  This year, the sourcing went like this:

·         Tomatoes and basil:  Khimaira Farm
·         Eggs:  Raise it Right Farm
·         Tomatoes and Potatoes:  Survivor Farm
·         Short Ribs:  Skyline Premium Meats
·         Corn, Cucumbers, and Peppers:  Long Acres Farm
·         Chicken, Eggplant, Corn, Anaheim Peppers, Tomatoes, and Zucchini:  Public House Produce
Chicken ravioli.
·         Wine Pairings:  Wisteria Farm and Vineyards

Of course, the photos speak for themselves, so I have one of each course, along with the menu.
Now, this was the second farm-to-table dinner at the Mimslyn that Mary and I were able to take in this year – we were able to visit early with our neighbors Steve and Noelle, when they were in town from New Mexico.  I’ve put a link to that meal below...I'd also link to last year’s dinner, but that was also the weekend of the hurricane, and I guess I didn't write it up

Short ribs with summer squash au gratin.
The Mimslyn continues to host farm-to-table dinners for the remainder of the growing season.  I hope they’ll keep this up next year; it’s really something to look forward to – and in any case, Mary and I will be at the farm tour dinner next year, you can count on it!

Sweet corn pudding and ice cream dessert.

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