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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Skyline Premium Meats - the 2012 Page County Grown Farm Tour

Getting back on the topic of the Page County Grown Farm Tour 2012 for a bit – I’ll finish up the story of these farm visits over the next few posts, writing them up in the order that we visited them.

After our stop at Khimaira, our tour caravan stopped at Skyline Premium Meats, which is the retail side of the operation of Trio Farms.  As I wrote in the original post, the story of Skyline Premium Meats is:

“…located just south of Luray on Business 340, emphasizes humane management and safe handling practices to ensure a consistently high quality product.  Skyline Premium’s approach specifies that no hormones, steroids or other chemical alterations are used; because of this, the beef has earned designation as A Virginia’s Finest Product.” 

Just like Khimaira and some of the other farms, Joan, Jerry and Jared participated in the Farm Tour last year, and again this year there was a lot to learn about the beef operation.  For one thing, since the tour was so much earlier this year, the silo was empty, because the harvest hadn’t come in yet.  Seeing that cavernous building empty was an eye opener, thinking back to how full it was last year.  Jared pointed out that the barn could hold as much as four of the neighboring traditional silos.

We also visited the old barn to have a look at the steers that were being finished.  Maybe a few less than last year in there, given the time of year, but there were plenty to have a look at while Jared explained what goes on in the barn, and how the animals are selected for market.

Skyline Premium Meats has a CSA for those who are interested in buying beef that way.  You can also buy individual cuts from them at the farm or at the Manassas or Luray-Page Farmers Markets – that is how I typically do it.  For now, that is, until I get a freezer chest! 

Here’s a link to the farm’s web page:http://skylinepremiummeats.com/

Here’s a link to last year’s post about Skyline Premium Meats.  It mentions the Civil War history that is associated with the old barn – one of the interesting facts about this farm!

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