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Monday, August 6, 2012

Airplane Geek: The Osprey at National Airport.

As I turned into National Airport during my commute this morning, there was an odd silhouette approaching the airfield.  I slowed to watch, to the consternation of the people following me.  And boy, they were really pissed when I whipped out the phone to snap this photo!

Truth is, I am an airplane geek.  Six years in the Air Force and I still can't get enough of seeing cool planes - honestly, I was never stationed anywhere that they had any of the fighters or tactical aircraft.

So whenever one flies over, you might just catch me running outside to snap a photo.  Even if the aircraft might be a USMC bird - V-22 Ospreys are in service with the Marines and the USAF.

The nacelles are in transition here as the plane was preparing to land at the Pentagon.  I was able to see it in descent as I got further along on the Parkway.

I'm inaugurating a new label with this post - airplane geek.  You can click on it and see some of these random snaps from the past.

By the way, here's an earlier photo of two Ospreys flying over Arlington, taken last year (I'll upload this into Instagram later and see if I can enhance it).

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