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Friday, May 2, 2008

Some Town Photos

Here are a couple of photos of businesses and attractions in Luray. These first two are of buildings near the center of the old downtown. Luray has long been a center of tourist activity because of the location near the river and SNP, an industry that was enhanced by the discovery of the caverns - now the economic engine of the town.

In a future post I will talk about local businesses and the murals that you see here, especially the Evergreen Outfitters that is located in the old Ford dealership - http://www.evergreenoutfitters.com/ .

Another item of interest is a little recreational facility that has been built along the Hawksbill Creek as it passes through the town. Appopriately enough, named "Along the Hawksbill," here is one of several parks that make a chain of stops along a paved walkway that is several miles long.

This rapid is the scene of the annual duck race during Luray's Spring Festival - see http://www.luraydowntown.com/festivals.html .

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