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Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Project Number 2 for 2008 - Update

Jesse promised that the paneling in the addition would be completed quickly - and he was right. When we visited over Memorial Day weekend, the job had pretty much been completed.

Here's a link to the previous entry on this topic:

The first two photos are of the master bedroom, the paneled wall is where the old smoked mirror panels were. The wall vents are also visible here in the first one.

We chose pine paneling for this area, as we have in the original stone part of the house. In this case, to maintain the character of the area, we've used a whitewashed finish, since the exposed beams were painted a flat white originally.

Also, there is new recessed lighting in the hallway.

Jesse still had to finish some small loose ends, but we were surprised that he was 95% complete in just a week!

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