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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Flowers, episode 5

When I took my walk around the lot last Saturday, the first thing I noticed was that the beautiful violet azaeleas were past prime, and had begun to shed their blooms. As I went around back though, I found a very nice surprise - these little red shrubs in full bloom. They only sit in full sun for a part of the day, but I still thought they might have already bloomed. Apparently they bloom a little later in the season than the others.

Back in Alexandria, the azaeleas are fading for the most part. We have this pink shrub that is currently in bloom, and some low white shrubs that are still a week or so from peak. In the background of the pink shrub photo are some irises - these will be the topic of a future post.

Also, as we drove home Sunday night, we took the old way, up US 211 through the Thoroughfare Gap in SNP. We noticed that Spring is still climbing the mountains. The trees have leafed out much of the way up but not all the way to the peaks. Also, the red buds there are just peaking, giving me the sense that Spring in SNP is about 3 weeks behind us in the Valley.

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