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Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging - we learn as we go

I have started going through the old post and will be using the "tags" function as a way to index those entries. For example, say you would like to have a recap of the carpenter bee adventures - or would like to be reminded of the termite damage we encountered when we first bought the Hawksbill Cabin. The tag "carpenter bees" will take you to all associated entries on that topic, while "termites" will take you to the other; there will also be a tag "battle of the species" where all of the encounters with wildlife can be found, and "big projects" when an entry should be cross referenced - as the termite issue meant a roof replacement.

On another note, I elected to allow Google to place ads based on content - these ads are shown in the left hand column - over there ---->

I am not promoting gratuitous clicking, but any proceeds on this site will be donated to the Page County Animal Shelter. If you do see anything of interest over there, and you decide to click through, you can rest assured that you will be doing some good.

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