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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Project Number 2 for 2008

A second big project getting underway at the Hawksbill Cabin is to upgrade the insulation in the back part of the house, which I call the addition. The name may not be accurate, it may have indeed been built at the same time as the “original” stone portion – we just don’t have any records. We are also making progress on the pool repairs (http://hawksbillcabin.blogspot.com/2008/04/pool-plan.html ), and will have the brick terrace and stone retaining wall repointed as our final big effort this year.

The scope of the project involves installing R12 or better insulation in the ceiling, and covering it over with new tongue and groove paneling. Mary has specified that the paneling in this part of the house be whitewashed, as the ceiling is currently painted white and we want to retain that character. Here are a couple of the areas that we will be working on with Jesse: the guest bedroom, the master, and the hallway.

Of note in these photos is the light fixture in the guest bedroom. I don’t have my notes handy for this post, but this is a mid-century design piece, a legacy of the house, that was done by a Finnish designer who was active in the 30’s through 50’s. The round globe is not original, and we guess the hourglass shaped bulbs are custom and will be hard to find, but we are saving this.

We will ultimately have insulation blown into the walls as well to improve the weather-tightness of this part of the house. There will be recessed lighting in the hallway. And a final step will be to panel over the mirrored wall in the master bedroom, another throwback to the 50’s, although this one is not something we’ll save.

A final note, the “oriental screen” wood carving that is installed over the hallway closet. The wall here does not extend to the ceiling, so this decoration adds detail interest as well as facilitates ventilation into the guest room. We’ll be saving it during the rehab – here’s a close-up of the Mt. Fuji area. Obviously: Made in Japan.

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