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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Flowers, part 4

This patch of azaeleas have been blooming for the last week or so - we'd waited all Spring to find out what color they were. They have been trimmed in an interesting shape, one my mother called "old fashioned" - they call to mind an old oriental style. This view from the terrace looks out over most of them.

There is a little garden by the driveway as well that has been splanted with bulb flowers, including daffodils, snow drops, and other similar ones. There is a lilac bush there that I mistook for a crepe myrtle over the winter and paired back. Fortunately, it looks like it is going to push out some blossoms after all so we will enjoy it this Spring.

In bloom right now are these little bell shaped flowers on long stalks - there are three colors: blue, white and pink.

All in all we've been pretty lucky with the legacy plantings.

This critter showed up in the garden last weekend. We'd been waiting for the right weather to put him outside - it's a ceramic frog we found at 10,000 villages last winter. We originally bought him to position him over the septic tank, so we would always be able to point to it if it ever needed service. We'd had it serviced on the first day of owning the place, but the workers coming out had to find it first - with that done, we made a point of keeping an eye on where it is.

We later decided the frog is too small for this spot, and we moved him over by the azaeleas, where there was a place that seemed just the right size. This fork in the path leads either up to the brick terrace or down to the side entry of the pool.

Now we have to revisit what to put in the original place. Mary has suggested a Japanese Lantern - again referencing the Asian look to this part of the garden. My idea for a wishing well didn't fly...after all, this spot is over the septic tank.

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