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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tree Clean Up

Our friend Mickey came out to clean up the felled trees last week. I was finding it hard to put the time together to get this done, so we decided to take him up on getting the two trees taken care of. As it was, I would be working on this project until April 2009...

Mickey cut both trees down into firewood sized sections, then moved them up to the garage/shed to cure for the summer.
For the branches too small to use for this purpose, he burnt in place down at the bottom of the hill, near the edge of our lot - preventing another "unsightly" brush pile.

This wood will need the summer season to cure, and then we will use it in the firepit during the fall. Also, I've offered a share of it to Chris, who will use it while camping in the GW National Forest over in the Massanautten range.

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