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Monday, April 21, 2008

Deer Damage

Deer LOVE hostas.

That's what we have been finding out - at the Hawksbill Cabin, one of the main garden features has been extensive plantings of hostas all over the property. There are more than 50 spread in the various plantings around the house, all are mature and make for a wonderful display once they have fully leafed out and when they are in bloom.

We know that there are as many as four deer frequenting the hollow across the road from us, and from time to time we've seen them crossing the street into our yard. We already had learned from last year that they come up into the gardens to feast on our plants.

So far this spring they have been coming up, most likely during the week when we aren't there. The damage is confined to the plants along the driveway further down the hill, where the deer have been munching on the tender shoots as soon as they come up above ground.

We, and the dogs, are in the other parts of the garden too often to make those attractive, although if they are hungry enough and we are not around, nothing is safe!

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