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Monday, April 7, 2008

Carbon Dating

We've noted earlier what we know about the history of the little Hawksbill Pines neighborhood, that the original plan was to sell small quarter acre cottage lots for weekenders. We've learned that the developer was involved in the CCC efforts during the Great Depression, and some of the houses may have been built by the CCC'ers in training to build Shenandoah National Park. All of this is still heresay, we haven't found specific documentation.

There are more than 20 lots in the development - thankfully, it was never fully built out - and the vacant lots are either unbuildable or owned within the community. In terms of newness, there is the recently completed cabin next door to us, another dating to the 60's or 70's just up the hill from that, another dating to the 50's, and ours, which we know was build from 1949 to 1951.

How do we know that, you might ask? Fortunately there is an inscription on the concrete foundation in the stone portion of the house, shown here: "Thanksgiving 1949" ...

As I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday, I took a closer look at the stone house that is currently for sale. It was built in either the 20's or the 30's and is a charmer. The lot backs up on some pastures, allowing a view to the north with both the Massanautten and Skyline ridges in view.

While I was in the back of the house, I found this hand built picnic area and stone barbeque pit...it is a nice surprise and reminds me of so many "greatest generation" projects I've come across. What you can't see in the picture here is a marble placque on the chimney, with the fellows name (I'm going to write it down next time and Google it) and the date the outdoor area was built - 1947. Pretty nice outdoor space all in all - for a family enjoying some well-earned recreation and relaxation in the Post War times.

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