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Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Flowers, part 3

The last two weeks in Stanley have seen a profusion of dogwood and red bud blooms - here are two shots from around the Hawksbill Cabin.

In the first photo we have cercis canadensis - the Eastern Red Bud, which is a small tree that generally grows on the edges of forests, where it can compete with fewer trees for sunshine and nutrients. There are an awful lot of them in our area out there, and while they are in full bloom it is a beautiful show.

For my wiki research on this piece, I learned the following about the Eastern Red Bud, but I cannot recommend that anyone try this: "...The flowers are also used in salads and for making pickled relish, while the inner bark of twigs gives a mustard-yellow dye."

Next we have dogwoods, which have practically taken over the yard in Stanley near the house. I like these two, near the pool, for a couple of reasons, but have to confess, this may be their last year. The reasons I like them are that they are visible from the terrace and main room of the cabin. They've been a joy to see in bloom.

On the other hand, they have become overgrown with ivy, which at this point appears impossible to eradicate. Plus, on the left hand tree, the ivy blooms in late summer. This might be tolerable in the early spring - before the pool opens, but it happens in August. Leaves and flowers drop into the pool area, and there is the constant buzzing of bees doing their work with the pollen. So, it is likely they will come down later this year. Fortunately, we have quite a few others around the property.

Another beautiful site has been this patch of azaeleas. All winter I wondered what color they would be, and if they were all the same color. As a matter of fact, they are, and they began blooming just last week. Though the phone cam doesn't do them justice, it is a mound of color out there, very pretty in the sun.

Now who is this pretty little doggie walking through the posies?

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