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Monday, April 14, 2008

New Nats Stadium

My friend Dennis has been a season ticket holder with the Nats since their arrival in 2005. We've been to a few games together and they've really been fun - he has good seats in the new stadium and I am looking forward to joining him for a game soon. When we are able to get to that game, I'll post an update - his seats are very good, I hear.

It's still early in the season, and another friend, Yiming, was in town from Denver on business. Early in the week he asked if I'd like to join him for a game at the new stadium and so we went.

Over the years, since we met in language school in Monterey a billion years ago, Yiming and I have been to 20 or 30 games in various venues, including Baltimore and spring training - the Dodgers in Vero and the Astros in Kissimmee among them. We also took a week long baseball trip to Chicago in 1989 for the last O's game in old Komiskey, the All Star game, and the Cubs second half opener with the Dodgers.

Here are some photo highlights of our game last Thursday. The stadium is definitely an improvement over RFK, although the old stadium had its charm. I wasn't as impressed overall as I was with Camden Yards - there had been a lot of hype building up the new place, but I just didn't find it all that exciting.

Our seats were in Section 106, just inside the left field foul line. We were rewarded with a home run coming down in our section in the third inning, and being able to catch the first metro train home after the game.

Definitely had a good time and I am looking forward to catching quite a few more games here.

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