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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beaver Pond No More

Back in the spring Mary and I were happy to see that a new beaver pond was filling up over in the hollow across the road.  I put up a couple of posts, including this one where I walked down to the edge and snapped a short video:  http://hawksbillcabin.blogspot.com/2014/04/on-golden-beaver-pond.html

The first pond that appeared over there, back in 2008 or so, lasted over the winter, so we could have ice skated on it.  This time, no such luck - the pond started draining in early July.  It's empty now, with the bare mud showing through and the beginnings of a robust little meadow in its place.

I figure that the dam was damaged in a flood, or the beavers that were there simply abandoned this location for some reason.  I did see one or both of them swimming around late in the afternoons.  There was also a wide variety of water fowl coming and going from the pond - ducks, geese, and herons.

There is another pond a little ways upstream from here - that one is more or less a permanent fixture and is visible on Google Earth satellite photography of the hollow.  We've walked back into that deep part of the hollow before some winters.

For now we'll watch and wait until the next time they try to build there.

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