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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Harvest Time 1

I'm borrowing these photos from David at Public House Produce, but I saw last week that he had harvested a bunch of pumpkins from "TRP" - The River Patch, and I wanted to put them up here on Hawksbill Cabin.

TRP is a relatively new bit of ground they're working, and I believe it is planted with pumpkins and winter squash.  Gourds, if you will.

It's a challenging bit of ground to work, too - there is an irrigation system in the mix, and it's open season for deer and gopher around there.

David harvested 10 big crates of pumpkins last week and hauled them down to the Dayton auction.  The load was big enough to take it through the drive aisle (see a video) - but David and his wife were headed out of town so he left them on pallets with the auction master.

That's a lot of pies and jack-o-lanterns!

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